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21.02.2003, 21:46

My name is Agbip Kandowu and I am the son of a nigerian General who has been killed by the government during riots. Fortunately I saved 13.500.000 $ and now I am seeking for asylum in the Netherlands. I need your help for some transactions. Please help me. I do not want to go back to my country because I will be sentenced to death.

I am sure that you are helpfull and do not want that I have to die. You will get 10% of my money if you help me. Please contact me for further informations.

God Bless you. Greetings, Agbip Kandowu.

Diese und andere Mails kann man absenden, direkt an Saddam und zwar hier (http://www.zyn.de/friedensinitiative?ticket=&page=full)