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15.08.2002, 13:11
Das will man mir mit der Mail offenbar sagen...

Dear Friend:

As America's brave men and women continue the assault
on terrorism abroad, Sen. Tom Daschle and his accomplices
in Washington, D.C., have launched their own assault
attempting to twist reality to gain an advantage in the
coming political season. These self-absorbed liberals are
trying to operate under the radar in an effort to secure
a stronghold in the capital and in the hearts of American
culture, demonstrating their interest in power, rather
than in the Truth.

Truth is the enemy of those who hunger for power.

Truth must be pursued vigorously, honestly, and

Truth is what we offer in the pages of the Conservative

The Conservative Chronicle is a weekly 32-page tabloid
featuring the best syndicated conservative columnists and
cartoonists. It accepts no advertising and thus is not held
hostage by the requirements of satisfying marketers. It is
mailed and delivered weekly at a cost of $47.50 per year,
that's just 91 cents per issue. You can also subscribe for
six months for $26 or give us a try for 13 weeks for just

We are inviting you to join our family of subscribers.
If you are interested, contact us by e-mail at:
or better yet, just pick up the phone and call us at:
641-456-3544 to start your subscription.

You will receive top-notch analysis and opinion from
the very best conservative thinkers in the nation, such
as Cal Thomas, Walter Williams, William Buckley, Bill
O¹Reilly, Robert Novak, Charley Reese, George Will, Mona
Charen, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Samuel Francis, William
Rusher, William Safire, John Leo, David Limbaugh, Phyllis
Schlafly, Thomas Sowell, Brent Bozell, Linda Chavez, Maggie
Gallagher, Jeff Jacoby, Michelle Malkin,
and Oliver North, just to name a few.

Plus, you'll laugh at the characterizations of an
outstanding corps of cartoonists, a collection unmatched
by any publication in the world.

Obviously, your interest in reading a quality conservative
newspaper isn't going to be enough, in and of itself, to
defeat the horrific array of enemies facing us right now,
but it is essential. An informed citizenry is a powerful
deterrent to those who would take away our freedom and
disrupt our cherished way of life, whether they live
outside our nation or are trying to assume control from
within our borders, or even the Capitol itself.

Conservative Chronicle readers benefit from the insight,
experience and expertise of our columnists and cartoonists
as they comment on emerging and breaking issues facing

Join the thousands who are in the know when it comes to
separating the power-hungry from the truth-seeking.
Contact us by e-mail at:
or just pick up the phone and call us at 641-456-3544
to start your subscription.

The Truth can't wait. We look forward to hearing from
you soon.

The Publishers of the Conservative Chronicle

P.S.: If you still aren't convinced, here are some
testimonials from just a few of the thousands of readers
of the Conservative Chronicle, as well as from some of our

Please allow me to add my thanks, along with millions
of other conservatives, for the fine job you people do
in bringing us the thoughts and feelings of so many fine
columnists. I don't know how you do it. We can't get this
side of the news through our local papers or, for that
matter, the television media. Keep up the fine work. I
couldn't get through the week without you.

-- Wow. I wish everyone I know could subscribe to this

-- Wish to thank you for your publication, and the
great writers. It is nice not to have to rely on the TV
media for their views.

-- The first thing I do when I get my copy of the
Conservative Chronicle is to look at a choice selection
of political cartoons. It's truly a laugh-and-learn
experience. Then I settle down to read political cartoons
from the most brilliant conservative writers in America.
The Conservative Chronicle is more than a publication; it
is a revered institution, whose pages are reserved for the
most talented, conservative columnists and cartoonists in
America. That's why I frequently send gift subscriptions
to special friends and fans. (Linda Bowles)

-- It's rare to find columnists who haven't fallen into
the immoral trap of situational ethics. the good think
about the Conservative Chronicle is that it provides badly
needed moral leadership all in one place. (Walter E.

-- It amazes me how many people stop me on the street
to say they read my column in the Conservative Chronicle.
People really devour this publication, and for good reason:
it tells you everything you need to know about the
conservative perspective on current events, and more. (L.
Brent Bozell III)

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15.08.2002, 13:42
Super. Eine Zeitschrift, die Olli North (http://www.conservativechronicle.com/columnists/north.htm) als Kolumnisten hat. DEN Olli North, der im Zuge der Iran-Kontra-Affäre schöne Waffenarsenale an jene vereschoben hat, die jetzt ja wieder zur Axis of Evil gehören. Merken die eigentlich überhaupt noch was?