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12.11.2001, 14:03
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If you can't urinate, you will in a few weeks. If you are urinating frequently during the night, that will stop. If this by chance does not work for you, we will refund your money. Willow Flower strengthens the prostate, has been shown to get rid of the swelling. Get started and watch. (you do not have to stop taking Sal Palmetto, do them both) We do not fully understand how this herb works but we have seen it work over 90% of the time. (Not FDA tested or approved) These cases include frequent urination, urination blockage, some effect on erection problems and more. Willow Flower Herb comes from Germany and has been in the U.S. for a short time.

This is not a capsule or tablet. It is pure wild grown herb that you make tea out of. Tea is the best method to use in order to get the maximum benefit from an herb. Warm liquid that extracts the nutrients from the herb while simmering is far more potent then ingesting a pill.

Willow Flower Herb has a history of working well with women's urinary problems as well.

To order online click here or call 718 264-2325

$44 per quarter pound. Approx. 70 cups of tea.
78$ per half pound
6.95 three day shipping

The Willow-herb, until now hardly found mentioned in herbals, has since the first publication of this book in the German language started an almost triumphal march across Europe and even further, as a medicinal herb for disorders of the prostate gland.

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Der Hintergrund dieser Mail war pissgelb. Als ich sie eben meinen Kollegen zeigte, mußten die prompt aufs Klo. 44 Dollar gespart.