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NOTE: I found this on the net.
Scary stuff that really hits home!!


John Delvis travels throughout France with his own
death certificate in his shirt pocket, showing it to
people and telling this fantastic story.

When I was 20 years old, I was in a hospital because I
was an alcoholic.! had delirium tremors and would try
to kill myself. I was just 20 years old and having
delirium tremors; it was just awful. Just ask anyone
who has ever had them; they will tell you how terrible
they really are.

I started taking morphine and kept on drinking to get
relief. The doctors thought that I was going to die
because my blood vessels were breaking, and I was
losing blood. They tried everything they could to make
me stop drinking. They put different products into my
drinks to try and rehabilitate me. They also put me
into solitary confinement, and I was really going
crazy. I would escape at night and come back in the
morning drunk, and nobody knew it. One day they found
out, and they kicked me out; they told me to cure
myself, so I had to leave.

When I got home, I tried every way to stop drinking. I
don't want to bring accusations against any churches,
but I was burning candles to a lot of different saints
and praying to them, but I never got any help from them
at all. I discovered my heart was empty. In fact, the
power of Satan was so strong, that nothing was able to
deliver me. I had lost all hope and decided to commit

I went downtown with a determination to take my life.
When I got downtown, I ran into a group of people, some
with gospel tracts. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my
shoulder and I heard someone ask me if I would like to
hear the gospel. I said, "What's that?" He said, "We
are going to talk to you about God and Jesus Christ,"
and I said, "NO!" I won't even repeat the words that I

While this man was talking, I saw the address on the
tract without even realizing it. Before I knew it, I
found myself in the last seat in the room and heard the
gospel. I was too drunk and didn't understand anything,
although the idea of committing suicide left me.

I went home and said to my mother, "Do you know where I
went yesterday?" She said, "Probably to some very bad
place." I said, "No, I went to hear the gospel. There
was a priest preaching without his robes on." I also
told her the way I felt at that time. She said to me,
"Don't go there; it's spiritualism." The next Sunday
the same thing happened again, and the same hand came
upon my shoulder again, and the voice said, "Do you
want to hear the gospel?" I told him to leave me alone.
Again, I found myself in the assembly listening to the
pastor. I was really hungry for the words. It was as if
he was talking just to me. It was like somebody had
told him all the things I had ever done.

I was thinking that these people must be spirits of
some sort, because they knew me; so I left, but again
the thought of suicide had left me. The next Sunday,
the same scenario happened over again. The message was
about the Prodigal Son. It really touched me. When I
realized what the pastor was saying, I understood how
lost I really was. I was no more than an atheist and
had the same sins. The pastor was speaking straight to
my heart when he said, "You think suicide is going to
set you free? But no, after death comes the judgment.
If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your personal
Savior and your Master, and if you don't repent of your
sins, you're lost and will be lost for eternity, lost

(When the pastor asked if there was someone there that
night who wanted to ask Jesus Christ into his heart as
his personal Savior, and that that person should raise
his hand) and only God knows why, but I found myself
raising both hands.

I said, "Lord, I know I'm lost. I know for sure it's
finished for me; madness and death are waiting for me.
I want to accept you as my personal Savior. I want you
to be my God on one condition: I don't want to drink
anymore." I was 20 years old and I didn't want to die,
and Satan was doing everything he could to destroy me.
I cried out, "Lord, deliver me, I don't want to drink
anymore." In that instant, I felt upon me a cool
refreshing breeze-not upon my clothes, but on my body.
I felt changed inside, transformed. With my hands still
raised, I said, "Oh thank you, Jesus, for now I know
I'm saved."

I knew I was saved. I ran out of the assembly hall and
left because my heart was so full of joy. Later on, the
pastor told me that he thought I would never come back.
Something marvelous was inside of me, a brand new life.
I received a new lift that God gives to us in Jesus
Christ. I understood that I was really saved. I went
down all of the old streets and past the bars that I
used to go to, and when I came to the end of the
street, I said, "You got me before, but you will never
get me again!" Never will I drink again, and my
brothers and sisters can witness that to this day. I
don't even drink a drop of wine. The Lord had healed me
completely. If I were to drink even one drop of wine
tonight, my wife would for sure smell it, for the wine
would rot inside of me.

When God does something, He does it good and in its
time. I was converted, I was turned around, my old life
was finished, and a new life had started. I gave all my
heart to the Lord. I've seen some of the most beautiful
experiences happen with my God. I've seen children with
just one hour to live and prayed for them, and the Lord
healed them.

In 1945, during the War, I had pain in my legs and in
my back. Sometimes, during certain atmospheric
conditions, I would fall down on my knees for pain. One
day there was a very strong storm, so strong that I
felt as though I had actually touched electricity. I
fell down on my knees and never stood up anymore. I was
finished, I would never stand again; I was paralyzed.
They tried with X-rays to find out what was wrong with
me, but no one could figure it out. I said, "Lord, I
know you are there, but what's going on? Why am I

Three and a half years went by. One day, a doctor came
to see me because I had caught a cold. He said, "I know
why you are paralyzed. I'll come and get you tomorrow."
He put me in touch with a doctor at the Royal Hospital
in Belgium who told me I had cancer of the spine. The
sciatic nerve was cancerous. It was hidden behind the
backbone, so you could not see it. The doctors operated
and did find cancer on the sciatic nerve; one of the
nerves in the cervical column had almost been
completely severed by the cancer. After surgery, I was
in a coma for five days; they didn't know if I would
come out alive. They cut out seven centimeters
(approximately three inches) and grafted it back
together. The General Surgeon came in and told me,
"I've done everything I could to save you, but you will
be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life."

Some Italian doctors saw me and examined me. They told
me that when they did the surgery they cut some nerves.
Now I was even more paralyzed than in the beginning. I
was very weak and couldn't talk; my voice had become
very weak and feeble. I couldn't move my arms, and my
legs were completely dead. I was confined to a bed and
couldn't get out. There was a nurse next to me
continually. They couldn't leave me alone. I was only
able to eat liquid foods through a pipe in my mouth.

I had raised five children, and now I couldn't even do
anything by myself. Even though I was in such bad
shape, I told the Lord, "I love you with all my heart
and soul. I don't understand it, although I know there
is a reason, but I know someday I will." When you put
your faith in God, Satan is always there to discourage
you because he hates it when someone believes God.
Satan doesn't want anyone to stand firmly and surely on
the Word of God, in which is included all the promises
for each and everyone of us. Each day I would talk to
my God, "Lord, you said, 'My grace is sufficient for
thee.' One day, I know I'll understand." I prayed in my
heart because, you see, I could no longer speak. I
said, "Lord, why am I here? I beg of you, talk to me,
help me." And then, in my ear in an audible voice (it
was not in my head, but it was audible), I heard the
voice of the Lord as I had heard many times before.
When the Lord speaks to His children, His voice goes
into the innermost recesses of the heart. It's so sweet
and marvelous, it's like a wind of peace that comes
inside of me. He simply said, "Faith without works is
dead." I said inside my heart, "Lord, I don't
understand." And again, in a louder audible voice,
"Faith without works is dead." I was sort of irritated
because, in my country, to do works would be to give a
few coins to the poor, and I said, "Lord, I'm
paralyzed. How could I possibly do any works? I can't
even move, how could I possibly give to the poor?" And
again, the third time, the voice of the Lord came to my
ears. "Listen, faith without action is dead." (Do you
understand, Christians? You that are hearing this
gospel for the first time, you that maybe know the
gospel but haven't understood the grace and power of
the Lord-faith without action is dead.) At that moment,
I understood and I started to tremble and to shake.

I put my hand on the shoulder of the nurse. "I want to
get up." She said, "What are you going to do?" I told
her, "Josie, give me my pajamas." She couldn't
understand what was happening. She knew there was no
hope of me ever getting up, but when she felt my hand
on her shoulder holding on with strength, she rang for
another nurse who ran into the room. She said, "Go get
the General Surgeon and tell him the man in Room 70
wants to stand up." My voice raised up again, and I
said, "Josie, give me my pajamas, I want to get up."
She said, "Just wait, the surgeon is coming." I said,
"No! Give me my pajamas, or I'll get off the bed." (And
of course, I was naked.) There was action now, there
was life springing up inside of me. I had to act. I had
to show this faith that was in my heart. So she finally
gave me the pajamas, and I turned around and let my
legs just fall off the bed. If you've ever been just
ten days in bed and put your legs on the floor, you
know what it feels like. It was three and a half years
for me. My legs were trembling, but I commanded them in
the name of Jesus to walk. My hands recovered strength,
I pushed my right leg in front of me. (If you could
have seen the nurse, she was shaking worse than I was.)
I said, "In the name of Jesus, I am going to walk." So
I walked forward and got to the middle of the hallway
just as the Surgeon General was arriving. He yelled,
"This is a miracle! Number 70 is walking!" And it was
noised abroad throughout the hospital, and even to the
factory where I used to work so that the whole factory
knew I was walking.

And why? Because when you cry out to God from the
bottom of your heart, when you really have a need, He
is not a God far away and deaf unto our cries. "If one
calls unto me, I will not turn him away," said the
Lord, and when someone needs Him, He will come
immediately. But our faith must be a living faith. Our
faith cannot be a dead faith. We cannot say, "Lord,
please help me" and not move. If I hadn't stood up, I'd
still be lying there paralyzed today. But the Lord did
His work. I was walking-I was happy-I was glad.

My children called me. They were in an orphanage, and
when they saw me they said, "Dad, we can go home now."
We went back home, and the next day I was playing
soccer in the street with them. Because when God does
something, He does it with certainty, and does it well.

Lamenting and sorrowing doesn't help. The just shall
live by faith. If you need Jesus, if you're without God
and without hope, come to Jesus tonight. Give yourself
to Him. Have faith in His promises, and you will see
that God is a marvelous God.

I was called immediately into the ministry. That's what
God wanted for me. I went and preached the gospel
everywhere without asking anything from anybody. I was
receiving some welfare because of my disability; I've
never been without food. I've been preaching the gospel
since 1948 and have had some extraordinary experiences.
I've been walking along with them. I was walking with
them without any kind of formal instruction. I didn't
even speak French well. I was a stammerer and
stutterer, but as soon as I started talking about the
Lord, my tongue was loosed. For a long time, I preached
the gospel. I gave my all to the Lord. But in 1959, I
was tired, really tired. Sometimes on a Sunday, I would
have five different meetings in different places.

I was in a tent in the month of November and there was
two feet of snow on the ground. After I finished the
meeting that night, I headed home on my motorbike in
the snow, and I fell down in the storm. I was wasted. I
went to bed that night without even taking my clothes
off-I didn't even know where I was. When my mother saw
the state I was in the next morning, she called the
doctor. The doctor said I was really sick. I didn't
have anymore antibodies in my system; I was completely
drained. I had no more strength in me. He gave me a
shot of penicillin. (He should have never given me
penicillin. It was forbidden since my surgery.)
Unfortunately, it worked contrary to the way it should
have. The virus left my throat and went to my legs. In
just a little while, my legs started to swell up, and
water was oozing out of my legs, and it was stinking.
They wanted to take me to the hospital, but I told them
no, I would be all right. And then, in the beginning of
December, 1959, my toes and toenails started turning
black. I had gangrene. This horrible sickness got worse
and worse. On December 22, 1959, the doctors said there
was only one way to save me-that was to amputate my
legs. I heard them talking in the other room. I told
them no, it was too late. I told them not to touch my
legs. Just leave me alone. That night I was in peace,
although I knew I was going to die. It was a marvelous
peace. I had joy in my heart. In the afternoon of the
23rd of December, I knew it was really over. My mother
was at my side, and I told her,

Don't cry, Mamma. The Lord will not forsake you. Don't
worry about me. I know where I'm going." I felt nothing
moving inside of me, and suddenly I knew my heart was
stopping. In peace and in joy, I was looking at my
mother with a big smile, and it was over. I was gone.
But at that very instant, I found myself standing next
to my body in the bed. I saw my body lying there. And
in that instant, I was gone.

It was very strange passing from one state into another
without feeling anything. Then I heard music, and in
front of me, I saw a gate, a gate of gold shining as
though it had diamonds upon it. The gate opened, and
from inside, I heard the most wonderful songs and
hymns, and I heard a voice telling me, "Enter in my
well beloved. Enter into the house of thy Father." Now
I know why I was in peace when my eyes were closing on
this earth. There He was, waiting for me. The One who
said, "Where I am, there will you be also." And I heard
this wonderful voice, and knew that voice when I came
in. The further I went in, the more marvelous it was. I
didn't see monumental palaces, but I saw a beautiful
clarity-all I saw was a beautiful clarity. And I saw in
front of me a throne, a white one. And there was a
light on the throne. I couldn't tell what it was, just
a light. (There were people at the Assembly of God
Church who tossed me out of their church because they
said that I said I saw God. I saw a light on the
throne, but I cannot say God was like this or that. If
I said that, I would be a liar.) From behind the throne
came light like fireworks, every color of the rainbow.
I heard wonderful songs. The songs were even more
wonderful than before. I didn't see how it was, but
Jesus said, "I am the light." (Try and look at a bright
light, and tell me what a light looks like). But
because I was in Heaven with Him, in heavenly glory, I
knew who it was. He came toward me and said, Come," and
took me by the hand. (People ask me, "Was His hand
warm? Was it soft? Was it strong?" But, what is spirit
is not flesh. All I know was my hand was in His hand,
and He said to me, "Come.") The more I walked along the
pathway, the more marvelous the songs became as I was
listening to them.They were just beautiful.

I want to tell you that Jesus is light. It's Biblical.
There I had the same light as Him. I was clothed in the
light of Christ, and I'm not lying either. The Bible
says we shall be like Him in all His beauty and in all
His glory. God loves us so much that He wants us to be
dressed in the same glory as Him. That's why I still
wonder why people resist His calling, and why I
resisted it myself for three weeks.

The Lord took me next to a huge field; you could not
see the end of it. This field was full of lilies-of-
the-valley all planted in rows. The flowers were white,
and they had the same light as Christ. Inside, they
were red. Some Jewish people told me the flower I saw
was a Rose of Sharon. It was a gorgeous white with
little water drops on them on the top with red inside.
I was standing there with Him, and I looked out over
the field and I saw there was one flower missing. It
was not in the first or second row. It was somewhere
out in the midst of the field. I said to Him, "Lord, is
that my place?" He said, "Yes, but not now." He said,
"Come," and took my hand and led me to another field
even bigger than the other. It had just a few flowers
in the comer of the field, but all the rows were made
just like a garden ready to plant. I said, "Lord, why
are there no flowers in this field?" He said, "There
still are many other sheep that are not in the
sheepfold yet, and I have to bring them in. So now, you
must go back inside your body and tell everyone that
will listen to you that all things are ready;
everything is prepared. If they will listen to my Word,
they will come here to this place." I said, "Lord,
Lord, I feel so good next to you, leave me here." The
second time the Lord said to me, "Go back into your
body, and tell everyone that will listen to you that I
want to save them and heal them." Then I said, "Lord,
you know how many times I talked about you. They don't
want to know about your salvation and about your
healing. They don't want it." So the Lord put out His
hand, and there was a book in it. (I'm talking to
everyone no matter what denomination you are. This is
the truth.) He said, "This book is my Word, and the
Word is Me. That's why you must go back into your body
and announce all these words of grace. Return to your
body, because you can't even take one word away or you
will be taking a part of Me. Go tell people that I want
to heal them. If you take one part of My word away, you
take away part of my power. You cannot do this, that's
why I say to you, go back in your body." I said, "No,
Lord, leave me here. You know, Lord, how my life was,
one of suffering on the earth. You know all the
difficulties and worries I had on the earth. I feel so
good, let me stay here." He didn't say yes, and He
didn't say no, He said only, "Come."

What I'm going to tell you now is really from the
bottom of my heart. And I hope that there is no one who
reads this that makes fun of this or mocks it or that
there should be one who rejects His Word. It should
make you think and bring you to repentance that you not
be thrown into Hell, because you can come with us into
this field that is ready to receive you.

He took me a little farther, and I came close to a
giant abyss (you know what an abyss is, like between
mountains) and it was really dark. I looked and
suddenly I heard-I heard from this darkness and from
these clouds-voices of people crying, "Lord, forgive
us. Lord, forgive. Lord, we didn't know. Lord, we ask
your forgiveness. Lord, forgive us, forgive us." Then
from behind me, that voice that I knew, that soft
voice, raised up above me and went out over the abyss
like a thunder, "Too late! Too late! Too late!" And He
said, "Come closer," and I heard the same cries, the
same screams, screams of suffering and the voice from
behind me saying, "Too late! Too late! Too late!"

Dear friends, I beg of you, life does not belong to
you. You don't know the day you are going to leave this
earth. I beg you in the name of Jesus, I beg you not to
reject the words the Lord is saying to you, because God
loved the world so much, and He loves you so much, that
He was nailed to the cross at Calvary so you don't have
to go to Hell. I beg you in the name of Jesus, don't
reject the Word of God. Don't stay just a religious
man. In the name of Jesus, become a real Christian, a
son or daughter of God. Accept Him as your personal
Savior. If not, the pits of Hell await you. He said to
me, "Come closer now." I saw nobody; I heard only the
screams. I was looking into the abyss, and I couldn't
see anything, but they could see me, and the voices
came out of Hell of young men and women saying, "Go and
tell my family that they should believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ so they don't come into this place of
torment. Go tell my family, go tell my brother, tell my
sister, tell my husband, tell my wife so they will
believe in God and so they won't wind up in this place,
this place of torments. Lord, forgive. Lord, forgive.
Too late! Too late!"

There is nothing He can do. Lost for eternity, it is
absolutely impossible to come out of the pits of Hell.
There are no 36 places we're going to after death.
There are only two, Heaven or Hell. There is a place
for the believer and for the unbeliever. The exaltation
of Heaven, or the torments of Hell.

Then the Lord said, "What are you going to do? Will you
go back?" I said, "Yes, Lord. I can't be quiet now. I
can't be quiet any longer." I wish now I was 30 years
younger. I know I will be going one of these days, but
I want to keep warning people. I want to warn men. I
want to warn women. I want to warn you today. I beg you
in the name of Jesus do not reject the Word of God.

And then I returned to my body. The doctor was at a
table in my room, and he knew they were going to take
my body, so when they called him, he did not come right
away. When he came into my home, he was just sitting
there looking at my body preparing the death
certificate. He was just looking at me saying, "I don't
understand; I can't understand that that could be him
lying there dead. I saw so many miracles in this house.
I saw cancer healed from bodies; I saw meningitis
healed; I saw people who were inoperative that doctors
said to just take them home, they're going to die. He
cried out to God and God healed them. I saw blind
people see." The doctor saw all of these things. He
knew I had been healed of the paralysis. He knew all of
these things and he said, "I just can't understand how
he could be dead now." So he took out the death
certificate, and as he was getting ready to sign it, he
looked at me again, and I started breathing. He dropped
his pen and jumped up on top of me and started
massaging my heart. I said, "Don't worry. Everything is
all right, it's not necessary."

Is it because my name is John Delvis that God gave me
more grace than anyone else? This could happen to any
one of you. The Lord needed me, and He did with me what
He thought was necessary. You see, dear friend, maybe
you're saying in your heart I told you some story. I
didn't tell you just some kind of story. If I had to
spend my time telling stories like this, I would just
leave town. I go everywhere telling my testimony, and
if someone asks me my testimony I tell them, and l
preach the gospel and my testimony. What I preach are
one and the same. They go together.

God said, "I don't want to see any one of you in Hell."
You're just satisfied with your little religion, and
even if you say you believe in Jesus Christ, you still
keep going on with your everyday life. "We'll get ready
at the right time." But it will be too late. It's now
that you have to do it. Now is the time of salvation;
don't wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow, you might not be in
this world. God is calling you now, and I am calling
you in the name of Jesus Christ. Don't go to sleep
tonight without being sure you are a participant in
heaven's life. Repent and convert. Don't resist the
calling of God because God has said, "I will speak
once, I will speak twice, I will speak three times, and
I will not talk anymore." Maybe the Lord has been
talking to you for a long time, and you don't want to
answer. I beg of you tonight, don't let this chance
pass you by. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal
Savior. Come to Him with all your heart and soul. What
I have told you is true, and you will taste the truth
either in Heaven or Hell. Now is the day of salvation.
Tomorrow may be too late. I assure you, when you are in
Hell, the words "too late" will pierce your ears, and
you will say, "Why didn't I believe the testimony?" I
beg you in the name of Jesus, don 't reject the Lord.
Say this prayer now:

My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner.
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living
God. I believe that He died on the cross and shed His
precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. I
believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the
power of the Holy Spirit and that He sits on the right
hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of
sin and this prayer. I open up the door of my heart and
I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. Wash all of my
filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in
my place on the cross at Calvary. You will not turn me
away, Lord Jesus; You will forgive my sins and save my
soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible, says so.
Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that
includes me. Therefore, I know that You have heard me,
and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I
am saved. And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my
soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You
command and sin no more.

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